• Date:
    June 2014
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    2013, Mural
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“El Barrio” East Harlem, New York, 2013.

This wall is based on a photo that Martha Cooper took in 1978. It was published in the book Street Play. It shows some kids in New York building a house out of scraps. I had the pleasure of meeting with Martha and collaborating with her for this mural. The concept fits the event that Los Muros Hablan proposed: “diaspora”.
In a neighborhood like East Harlem there is a great mix of nationalities that all meet at this place they now call home. It was really something to see the different reactions and hospitality of the people that would pass by or lived in front of the wall. This wall is dedicated to them.

First photo taken by Rodney Méndez
Second and Third photo taken by Martha Cooper


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