• Date:
    June 2014
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    2012, Mural
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Peter Phobia & AxelVoid collaboration
Luxembourg 2012

This wall is situated in the city of Luxembourg next to a football field and skate park facing a church and a cemetery.
The piece is an interpretation of “Our Lady of Luxembourg”, Comforter of the Afflicted, who extends her maternal protection over the entire humanity.

After talking to some of the locals we heard that one of the reasons why Luxembourg has a strong immigration rate is that up until the late 70’s they requested miners from other countries.
Given that Luxembourg is mainly a Catholic country and has a strong conservative background they were only looking for white workers but realized afterwards that Italians and Portuguese are rather mixed.

With that and reading about the story of Maggy Delvaux-Mufu who set herself on fire in protest against racism on October 5th, 2004, we decided to do a not so obvious critique but rather a confusing one, by painting a bigger version of Our Lady of Luxembourg, one that would have more than one child in her arms and would need more than two hands to protect.



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