• Date:
    July 2014
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    2014, Mural
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Ordes _5

Ninguèn (Nobody)
Ordes, Galicia, Spain

This mural is painted in the small town of Ordes on a residency for the elderly. The original image is taken from an anonymous ID photo from a person of this town. The photo was stapled to an old ID card of a lady in her late sixties that I assume was his wife. According to the ID she would be 120 years old, so she has definitely passed away.

I liked the romanticism in this image and the fact that the only document of his that remains is together with his wife’s.

I found this image fit perfectly at an elderly residency. It’s a thought on the passing of time, perpetuity and the historical memory that remains of everyday people. It’s an homage to those who are forgotten and those who live in their small segments of time.

Ordes _3

Ordes Ordes _1

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