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    February 2015
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    2015, Mural
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Chennai slum_2

வாழ்க்கை (Life)
Chennai, India

This piece is part of the “Mediocre” series. It’s situated on the side of the river in the slum that is directly in front of my mural in Greenways Station, which is the first thing they see when the come out to the street. It’s popularly called “G.S. Nagar”. After bonding with some kids from this area I decided to go paint two small pieces there towards the end of my stay in Chennai.

There I was treated with the upmost sense of an honest hospitality and friendship.

Despite the rough view form the side facing the river in the inside this is a beautiful and vivid place with many small houses painted in colors, the smell of home made food cooked on the street, girls drawing Rangoli symbols on the floor entrance of their houses and everything handmade with a mix of the closest care to details and scorned oddities.

But what I found to be the true life of the neighborhood were the kids and the way people interacted with them. They ran about as if the street where just an extension of their homes and the people an extension of their families. The wall is based on a photo of “Dharshan”. It is painted on his house. This piece is about the kids and the effect that they have on the people around them.

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