• Date:
    July 2016
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    2016, Canvas
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24 x 17 cm
Oil on canvas

Nobody is a show based on the life of Alvie Morris. A few years ago I painted a mural in Atlanta. I used a portrait of a random image I found on the internet as a reference. Months later I received an email from a man biting the original photo. This was Alvie, the person I had painted. The wall had been published in a magazine and his sister recognized the photo. Alvie and I kept in touch and thought of the idea of making a film about him. This show takes place in Oakland, California.

Alvie Morris was born on October 2, 1970 in Tulare, Calfornia. His father was a farmer, alcoholic, and non-religious. His mother was a devout Jehovah’s Witness housewife. He started playing music at a young age and moved to San Francisco when he was 24. He struggled with alcoholism and has been sober for 6 years. He plays music, does photography, works at a butcher shop, and takes care of his niece, Zoe, the center of his world.

This show is composed of the film “Nobody”, a documentary, a bust and a series of paintings based on Alvie’s memories. Portraying the life of Alvie Morris as a precedent in paying homage to mundanity and quotidian life. A tribute to everyday people.


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