| 24 | 02 | 2020

Miami Riot. 

30th of May, 2020.

Camera, editing, text, and music by AxelVoid.

It is neither good or bad, just natural that actions grant a response. The attempt of using this word as a dysphemism only shows the inherent fear of its content. It is not a coincidence that they equate “chaos in the streets” to anarchy. Anarchy is only the condition of Anarchism, this one being the doctrine or ideology. The word originates from Greek and signifies “an” (without) “arch” (rule). The key is to define what rule means in this context. Not understood as principles, laws, or guidance. But rather dominance and superiority. This is the abstraction that the ideology wills to be with-out.

Society is nothing but a consensus, a common agreement. The question is: Why those who govern find the need to enforce this agreement? If it is in the best interest of all parties. And more importantly, why do they constantly violate it with impunity? 

This however does present a chaotic behavior. The response is only natural, thus harmonic.

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