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| 06 | 05 | 2023

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Depending on the distribution, you might also need to install the appropriate GApps package. And once you have the ROM installed, see if you can further upgrade your Android camera experience with a GCam port. The ArrowOS project started with the sole aim of keeping things simple, clean, and neat. The developers added only a handful of tweaks on top of AOSP, aiming to deliver smooth performance with better battery life. The end result is a lightweight ROM that offers comparatively better performance and reliability over the stock Android. Below you can find the most popular custom ROMs in the domain of Android modding. While Google’s AOSP is barebones, LineageOS gives it a sense of customizability while maintaining stability.

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  • This ROM supports over 190 devices, and many other developers also use Lineage OS as the source for the code of their own custom ROMs.
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  • Since AOSIP is based on AOSP, you can get a mixture of features handpicked from all over the Android development community.

Because of this, most stock firmware, such as Asus-WRT and Voxel firmware, is often lacking features and is a bit harder to use than it should be. This is why many people upgrade their router’s firmware to one like Tomato or DD-WRT to improve their router’s performance. The tool also keeps track of the firmware files downloaded in the past for any given phone model and region, which is a nice addition. Another way to download firmware files for your Galaxy phone is by using Frija. This is one of the best and most popular tools for downloading Samsung firmware. It is a simple program for Windows that makes it easy to quickly download files, with no speed limit.

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  • There is nothing revolutionary about crDroid, unlike some of the other ROMs on the list.
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He also provides stock ROM installation tutorials and custom recovery installation tutorials here. Before starting the installation process, you need to find out stock firmware file the Jerk, Acceleration and E-steps/min values.

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