| 07 | 12 | 2021

Is part of the “Mundane” series. A collection of analog photos I have been taking in the past few years.
It is an observational pondering on who we are as people. Recurring theme in my work. The way we interact with the world and with each other. Seen from an objective yet intimate and filtered standpoint. Fascinated by our behaviour,  and the idea of being or existing. I allow myself to present my work as a photographer. It has always been behind my pictorial work and now I am giving it its own place.

1. Leap. Tokyo, Japan.
2. Bread. Skopje, Macedonia.
3. Makiko. Tokyo, Japan.
4. Mom / Rabbit. Miami, US.
5. School. Yamanashi, Japan.
6. Skull. Miami, US.
7. El Rio. Sevilla, Spain.
8. Hose Lady. Tokyo, Japan.
9. Reader. Tokyo, Japan.
10. Waiting. Madrid, Spain.