Cantándole  a Ladrillos de Canela

| 07 | 12 | 2021

Sevilla, Spain

This mural is an ode to Andalusian culture and idiosyncrasy. The images describe metaphors of overcoming and undertaking obstacles in a playful and inventive manner, an appropriation of the public space making every extension of the street our home and our home a part of the neighborhood. It is a tribute to the poetry in Andalusian, and by extension Mediterranean, everyday life.

Special thanks to my dear friend @seleka for putting this together through @delimbo . To @stefankrische for once again being my partner in crime. To @ayzagabriela and @enelasso for helping out at the wall, to @jesusc.sanchez for his problem solving skills and with such composure, to Irene from @gruaslozano for being so helpful during the process, to @livensa_studenthousing_es for trusting in my work, to the construction workers at the site for their friendship and help, and to the neighbors for their kindness and support. Thank you finally to the photographers and videographers: @miguelinx ,@pedrojcanela y @jorgeshoots