Casas viejas Sevilla

| 04 | 12 | 2021

On November 29th of 2007. Casas Viejas, an important squat house of Sevilla was closed down after 5 years of Occupation. This Social Center had a strong cultural repercussion in the city and became a precursor for the Squatting movement in Sevilla.
To resist the eviction, the assembly of Casas Viejas decided to dig a 4 meter tunnel in the ground where 6 people chained themselves to pipes built in the wall. The eviction lasted 36 hours, given that the firemen refused to intervene. The police chose to torture them by tying and subsequently pulling them with ropes.
Now Casas viejas remains as a vacant lot, surrounded by walls.
This piece is painted on the entrance door of a new Squat House in Sevilla. It was inaugurated on April 27th of this year. Its considered one of the largest of the Occupied Social Centers in Spain. It is still pending a name.