Creença Residency

| 04 | 12 | 2021

Cal Rosal, Catalunya, Spain

Creença is a invitiative by Void Projects, a cultural platform that seeks to encourage a public dialogue outside of the conventional art space. It is a two-month residency hosting over 50 local, national and international, multidisciplinary artists in Catalonia, Spain. Taking place in an old Convent from the 19th Century, the space today is run as an art residency and a cultural center called “Konvent”. Painters, sculptors, installation artists, performers, and filmmakers visited throughout July and August 2018 to create site specific installations and original works in situ to culminate in a three-day event from 31st of August and 1-2nd of September featuring theatre and live music.
The term, Creença Belief, comprises the concept of belief from a personal, religious or epistemological standpoint. The purpose of this exhibit is not only creating a powerful show but also focusing on forming a sense of community with in our movement. To reinforce the dialogue and cohabitation between the artist during the creative process.

Creença was curated by @axelvoid and organized by @elsa.gue.rra @jofre.oliveras and @charlotte_pyatt It was held at @konventzero.