Gray, Graz Austria

| 04 | 12 | 2021

Gray is a new conceptual partition of my work. Opposite to “Mediocre”, a series of site-specific works that portray quotidian life and are largely dictated by a story, Gray searches for the more instinctive and visceral ideas, without the boundaries of having the work fit into its surroundings. It’s a way of approaching the work differently, painting geared by what I feel rather than what fits into the site’s context.

Just before I left Austria, I took care of a sick puppy. He was just one week old. I named him “Patita” (little leg) because before he died, he would keep stretching his legs, in Rigor Mortis. This wall is somehow a tribute to “Patita”, but also a reflective thought of what we are made of and this process.
Funny enough, when I researched about AgraTagger, the abandoned factory I painted on, I learned it used to be an animal food factory that had to close down because of the Mad Cow Scandal. They were accused of feeding animals to animals of their same species. So, in a way, this piece ended up being a mix of Gray and Mediocre.
Special thanks to Stefan Krische (Stucke) for his amazing diligence and altruism when helping to complete this work, Livin Streets and Inoperable Gallery for organizing, Nicolas Romero Escalada , Reginald O’Neal, Alexis Diaz and Franco Fasoli for sharing our time at the event, David Leitner for helping out and Gary for his amazing cooking this past week.

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