| 04 | 12 | 2021

L.E.O. & AxelVoid
St.Petersbourg, Florida, USA

This mural is based on a juxtaposition of two images. The one in the background is an interpretation from a photograph taken in Washington Square Park, where people get together once a year and have a pillow fight. In the circle, a launch drill in North Korea.
The concept of this wall is an attempt to understand human behavior and its relationship to power. From the power that technology allows us: vehicles that can make us go faster than we can run or weapons that can harm more than we can physically. To an emotional, social or political power over others.
This wall was done shortly after the shooting in Las Vegas. This gave us the curiosity to know or understand what was the nature of this action. These events are considered anomalies or out of the ordinary, how ever its recurrence shows that it is or has become part of our natural behavior. We find strange that even though we can’t directly empathize with this behavior it is a part of our idiosyncrasy.
It is an honor to work with my brother Reginald O’Neal @l.e.other After three years of mentoring him on a daily basis I am very proud to see what a good painter and artist he is and continues to be.
Special thanks to the Shine crew for making us feel, almost better, than at home. For their friendship and hospitality.