Paris, France

| 07 | 12 | 2021


It’s been a year since Tamara’s death. Yet her work remains with us. Formulating poignant questions and stirring from an intimate and subtle place, it has the ability to envelope a broader sense of humanity. It’s nice to keep on revisiting these images, as they seem to change with oneself.

Tamara asked me to assist her in painting this sketch on this wall before she died. Somehow in a strange and beautiful way, it is such an honor to be her assistant together with our dear friend @escif.

Special thanks to everyone that participated in making this happen.
To @aruallan for hosting us, to @ayzagabriela and @antonin_dcr for assisting on the wall.
Commissioned by @paris_maville
Curated by : @olivierlandes
Production : @hypermurrr
Photographer : @_alex_perret & @tsant75