| 02 | 12 | 2021

This piece is based on an original photo taken by a forensic doctor in Ukraine who’s name I cant mention. It shows a deceased lady lying in the bed of her apartment where she lived alone. She was found recently after her death. This painting is to be watched while listening to a true story by someone who experienced the death of her mom. I can’t mention her name for reasons that will become apparent.
The concept and purpose of this piece is to naturalize the experience of death. It until today, more evidently in some cultures than others, remains as a taboo subject that many prefer to ignore. This creates fears and anxiety towards it. Even though this is by default a tragic experience, it is avoided in an unhealthy way, not only when it occurs but also in a very conceptual and existential way just pushed aside to be dealt with at an old age. This feeds the need for religion, an unsociable search for meaning, and the perpetuation of ones life from a harmful and even dangerous standpoint.