Wynwood, Miami, USA (Life)

| Wynwood, Miami, USA | 28 | 06 | 2021

The image of this wall is a still from “Mediocre”, a film about daily life that I’m currently making. In the still you can see an image of “Papa”, a six year old that is pushing his bicycle in the neighborhood of Overtown, Miami. This wall is an analysis on life from a quotidian, existencialist standpoint.

The mural was made as part of the Raw Project in the José De Diego Middle School in Miami, Florida. This project invited many artists in order to extend the arts program at the school. The school is located in the neighborhood of Wynwood, a gentrified area where street art and the fashion industry have built a frivolous trend with the reputation of having the best murals in the world, but has rather become a circus in the pursuit of fame.
Special thanks to faculty of Jose de Diego Middle School, to Robert and the organizers of the Raw project, and to the kids of the school for their support and hospitality.