Personne (Nobody)

| 04 | 12 | 2021

Montreal, Canada.

This piece is part of the “Mediocre” series. Its painted on Chamberclerc, a social housing residence located in the center of Montreal. Chamberclerc provides housing to people with mental illnesses that have a history with homelessness and drug abuse. The image represented is a portrait of Adrian, one of the tenants who was living there before the house was became a social housing. It used to be a drug house 14 years ago.
This mural is a tribute to their community. It aims to learn about their daily lives and empathize with their past experiences and environment.
Personne means Nobody in French, but also means somebody depending on how its used.

Special thanks to Isabella for her trust and hard work on opening this house, to Mural Festival and Adeline for inviting me and providing to make this project happen, to Danielle for helping me make this wall and the film, to Jessica for helping me make the film, and to the people from this house for their outstanding hospitality and friendship.