Marseille, France

| 04 | 12 | 2021


One foot after the other. From A to B. Seal the product, but take off the plastic before consuming. The gated patch of grass and flowers on the pavement. Shoelaces. The neighborhood gym called “Sisyphus”. Comfort of the modern slave. Hair in the drain or the grease from the dishes. The frame on a painting, the varnish on the frame. High heels and perfume. The divine spark, sitting in the trash like new flowers you never wanted. What team to follow: free will, the will to power, or the will to acceptance. Bleak binarism processed and packaged. Coping with existence. Ignorance is bliss, but feed me the truth. We are all special, we are all unique with insignificant variations. Alcohol or religion

curated by @mr.gael._._.nous assistance Julie Kang

Project collaboration with Reginald O’Neal