Sacramento, 2019

| 06 | 12 | 2021

‘Where’s Wally’, Wide Open Walls, Sacramento, 2019
collaboration with myself @emiliocerezo @alberto__montes and @van_vuu
This latest collaboration acknowledges the nature of the site specific, both in concept and in practice. .
The work shows a collage of three images sourced from local book stores in Sacramento. Torn and reassembled, they form a new triptych-like, emotional portrait. From the bottom, a man in a suit is satirically laughing as an artificial moment of staged happiness explodes from his head. In the middle people cross a river, a more mundane reference to the beauty of everyday life. The piece is open to interpretation, but for the artists, the process embodies the camaraderie that is so embedded in the culture. Reflecting the sense of play and creativity between 4 friends as they celebrate the errors, random decisions, the laughs and the planning. For the social actions that are often overlooked, the piece opposes the rhythm of ‘collecting’ walls and looks towards a meaningful connection between the artists and the local community. Text by @charlotte_pyatt portrait by @marthacoopergram .
Thanks to @wideopenwalls and their team