Tension & Release

| 07 | 12 | 2021


This piece depicts an animation of a mundane man that points his fingers in the shape of a gun into his mouth, shoots, and then smiles and repeats this process endlessly. On the wall remains the first frame serving as a facade that covers the motion behind. This series is a dark and unquieting yet humorous metaphor to this notion or feeling of routine and our cyclical existence. Our understanding of harmony is often seen as a drastic push and pull rather than a balanced dance between tension and release. This dance can be seen in nature in so many different ways: in colors, sound, music, temperature, and as we are part of nature we inherently seek for it as well. As a need or a drug, it seems inevitable. Yet how we perform this dance is what makes each chord unique and beautiful.

Special thanks to @artepublicaleiria and @riscasvadias for organizing, to @arroz_pedrolino for the process photos, to Mangas, Ana and little Miguel for their hospitality and friendship, and to Natalia Lasso @enelasso for assisting on this challenging process.