The Other Football

| 04 | 12 | 2021

AxelVoid, Querétaro, México.

I painted this mural in the neighborhood of “La Trini”, located on the outskirts of the city on the side that they used to call “La Otra Banda”. “La Trini” is considered a dangerous neighborhood where tourists are not recommended to go, yet this is far from the experience I had. The people from this neighborhood were the most welcoming people I encountered while painting in the streets of Querétaro. They invited me to all kinds of food, we shared chats, showed me with pride their beautiful neighborhood and were truly thankful of having a new mural.

The first time I went to “La Trini” was to play football after being invited by one resident of the neighborhood, who I met while painting in “El Tepe”. They have a beautiful small court that seems to be the reunion center where older people, younger people, kids, men and women meet and play every day.
The second time I went to La Trini, we were looking for a ball to play with and one kid gave me a ball he had as a gift. I then decided to paint this ball on the wall behind one of the goals.
This is not the first time I dedicate a piece to what I like to call “the other football”. I think football is a beautiful, universal medium of interacting that, very far from its commercial form, provides a great form of communication for every day people.