You are not here

| 07 | 12 | 2021

Pristina, Kosovo

You are not home, you are not on this side, your are not on our side or their side, you are not present, you are not absent or evaded enough, you are not centered or on the edge, you are not in nature or natural, you are not artificial, you are not who you are or what you do, you are not welcome, you are not allowed to leave, you are everyone and everything, thus you are nothing, you are not there. Your borders are not the corners of your body or your self. You are not on the right side of the fence.

Special thanks to @muralfest_kosovo , Ardian, Lebibe, and all of their their amazing group of volunteers, for their hard work and efforts organizing, and for their friendship and hospitality. To @stefankrische for his help and for being my partner in crime. And to the people that I met there, for being so welcoming and warm.