Zogjtë (Birds)

| 06 | 12 | 2021

Ferizaj, Kosovo

Where cultural flux is severed by political edges. The same way a plant morphs, adapts and is influenced by its environment, we, the people, have these qualities. Blending in languages, our thoughts, our contaminated melodies, our variety in foods and the ways we cook them; Yet, contrasted by a myopic view of our context and understanding of social constructs, such as nationalism or religion. Just as “No man will step in the same river twice”, geographical lines will continue to be organic, to expand and contract and to adapt to their environment; However, we can always meet at these geographical lines for water. .
Kosovo, is a conjunction of words signifying Field of Blackbirds. We can find Blackbirds also known as Turdus merula in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They can be sedentary or migratory depending on the latitude.
Depicted on the right side of the wall are the portraits of two Romani citizens of Ferizaj. Romanis are know as a people with no land or nation. They are often nomadic and live in over 40 different countries around the world. .
This mural uses a specific metaphor to reflect upon the concept of co-existence and common humanity.

Special thanks to @muralfest_kosovo, Ardian, Lebibe, and all of their their amazing group of volunteers, for their hard work and efforts organizing, and for their friendship and hospitality. To Stuke and Pelayo for their help and assistance. To Sebas for being such a friend and brilliant artist always lovely to work with you. And to the kids from the area for bing such good neighbors, football mates, and great new friends.

Project collaboration with sebasvelasco1